Cut To The Comp - Bristol Regional Heat

This week we kicked off the CUT RUM cocktail competition.

The first regional heat was held in Bristol. Despite the rain, the mood was lifted by passionate bartenders creating tasty drinks!

The rules were simple

2 cocktails, 8 ingredients, no homemade ingredients, 4 minutes.

After a heated round there was one clear favourite…


He created two very impressive cocktails using Overproof & Smoked. Check these out…

Lift home

▪ 50ml Overproof⁣

▪ 20ml Cointreau⁣

▪ 15ml Sweet Vermouth⁣

▪ 15ml Maraschino

⁣▪ 3 dash Chocolate Bitters⁣⁣

Thicker than water

▪ 50ml Smoked⁣

▪ 2 dash Angostura⁣

▪ 5ml Port

⁣▪ 15ml Shiraz⁣

▪ Pastis Glass rinse⁣

Next stop, Liverpool!


Thank you to Loose Cannon for having us, you were amazing hosts!