Cut To The Comp - Liverpool Regional Heats

From down South to up North, our next heat was held at Pattersons in Liverpool!  

We were greeted with a familiar face … rain. However, that did not mean the experience was the same. We noticed a change in accents and of course, the drinks.

 This heat was particularly hard to judge. So we ended up choosing not one but two winners who will both be heading to the London final.

The first winner was Chris Lewtas from The Florist. He served us two amazing tipples called ‘Mother of Dragons’ and ‘Don’t Cut Me Down’ instead of a Don’t Cut Me Down was based around a style of a tree which had a perfect mix of coconut. This was finished with a smooth rich kick of smoke.


The second winner was Brian Connor from Motel Bar who presented us with a cocktail named ‘Up In The Cloud’ which was smooth and light with a delicious touch of banana, and an unexpected punch of rum. Brian’s second serve called Good Morning Revival was rich and intricate with some banging marmalade and almond goodness.


We want to thank everyone that competed and Pattersons Bar for having us.

Brighton, we are coming for you next!